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Dear Business Owner


Ok you have landed on this page obviously seeking a solution to better engage with your clients, customers, or collegues. Tom Swanton and Mark Christiansen over @ Viastream want to get you up and running faster than you ever thought possible making webinars and making money by communicating your message in the most effective way on the planet. “VIDEO Webinars”.


The reason we are so passionate about this 2 Day Kick Start Course is we know that your life will change dramatically on completion . We know that by reaching a larger audience and getting your message accross to them you will create more cash flow and that will convert to a better business which leads to a better lifestyle , for you and your family.


Imagine how well video webinars could work in YOUR business.


Imagine if you really spent time targeting the market, using what you have learned from experts in online video webinars and streaming.


Imagine a fast track system that trains you in the most advanced but easy to use video webinar software and the hardwares needed to bring a complete video webinar package together.


We will litterally walk you step by stepin a 2 Day Kick Start Course to get you up and running with your own video webinar that communicates your message exactly how you imagined. (instead of a ordinary voice and slide webinar).


We’re betting you will get unbelievable results in your very first webinar. Especially if you made your ad offer something FREE like a “Shocking Report Reveals..” or a video series that drives them to your live video webinar where you build repore, and answer any questions. We’re betting your clients will be asking you where’s the BUY NOW button!


In fact, you will probably end up building a great list of long term customers using this tactic alone even if they dont all buy during your webinar event.


Now this isnt always a one size fits all system. Some of you have specific needs and want group training or an advanced studio setup.


Some of you may like us to personally create and implement an effective video webinar .


Thats fine. We can help.


So here’s the deal we’re doing a live IMPLEMENTATION Kick Start Boot Camp here in Brisbane next month … and we wanted to see if you’d like to come.


We want to show you a turn-key system to promote and share your products, services, and concepts and see your sales grow 24/7.

Course Objectives:

  • Uploading preliminary content
  • Setup multiple video webinar graphic profiles
  • Understand use of cameras and audio
  • Integrate the live video webinar panel into your website
  • Schedule a live video webinar
  • Launch a live video webinar
  • Learn the Interaction tools (Power Point slides, annotations, text chat, co-host, video share)
  • Archive for on-demand viewing
  • How to integrate your customer data base and email automation tool
  • But wait there’s more


We’re going to spend two days going deep into creating a branded webinar, make any changes needed, and fine tune the campaign specifically to YOUR business.


So you’ll leave with nothing left to do but “GO LIVE”.


This will be a very small, 100% hands-on workshop where you leave with a fully functioning list-getting and customer-getting set of specifically tweaked video webinar profiles for your business.


Just reply to this email if that sounds like something you’d like to do and I’ll get you all the details 🙂 Or if you want to speak one on one with a real person.

Call 1800 webinars



All the best


Mark and Tom




Speaking of getting a hot list via webinars, here’s a back door link to get Instant access to our online course for a huge discount. It’s officially not open yet but we have a few spots we are leaking out and we are sneaking the link to register in here: CLICK HERE TO GET SECRET ACCESS

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