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Kodak’s latest live-streaming camera offers HD video for less

By Megan Wollerton

Kodak isn’t new to the world of live-streaming cameras, but its $150 Video Monitor CFH-V20, announced this week, boasts the most impressive specs in the brand’s expanding lineup.

With live video streaming up to 720p quality (you can adjust the resolution down as needed), a 180-degree horizontal field of view, night vision, motion detection and two-way talk via a built-in speaker and microphone, the V20 is poised to compete with the $150 Arcsoft Simplicam as well as to pricier HD models, like the $200 Flir FX.

Kodak also upgraded its image sensor tech for the V20 (specifically, it has a 3.15-megapixel 1/3-inch sensor — that’s similar to the sensor in Google’s impressive Nest Cam) and made it USB-compatible, so you can attach it to a USB battery pack for a security camera that’s designed to travel (wherever there’s an obliging Wi-Fi network).

The related iSecurity+ app for both Android and iOS users is supposed to act as your main point of interaction with the camera and its many features, including free 24-hour cloud storage so you can view recorded video clips on-the-go. And, if one day of saved footage isn’t enough, you can pay an optional monthly fee — either $3, $10 or $20 — for Smart Detection, a premium option that claims to “eliminate up to 98 percent of false alarms with ART human presence detection” and longer cloud storage periods.

Given that Arcsoft’s Simplicam charges $5 for any sort of cloud services and can’t be disconnected from its power adapter, Kodak’s portable V20 with free, 24-hour clip storage sounds pretty appealing. It also has its own IFTTT channel (iSecurity+) that makes it possible to add an extra dose of features to its standard offerings.

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