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Hands on: LG 360 Camera Review

The portable LG 360 degree VR camera sized for your pocket

By Matt Swider

lg 360

The LG 360 Cam is a pocketable VR camera that’s ready to change how complicated it is to record virtual reality videos and photos.

It pairs two 13MP camera lenses on a stick, and each one is capable of capturing 200-degree wide angle photos and videos, then merging them together as one.

The stitching technology behind creating a seamless virtual reality world is sophisticated, but the user experience of this 360 camera remained fairly simple when Wi-Fi worked at MWC 2016.

It plays nicely with the forthcoming LG G5 and LG 360 VR, making it the South Korean firm’s VR capturing counterweight to the Samsung Gear 360 camera.


There’s a lot going on inside the LG 360 Cam in order to capture more than three times what the human eye can see.

LG is touting the its two 200-degree wide angle 13MP cameras, and the fact that they’re backed up by a long-lasting 1,200mAh battery. It’s squeezed in between the two back-to-back lenses.

Yes, the battery capacity is smaller than the 2,800mAh LG G5 battery, but remember: this isn’t a phone and there’s no power-draining screen, or plethora of apps here. It should last you just as long as your phone, with 70 minutes of continuous video recording.

Software and compatibility

The LG 360 Cam app should look familiar because it’s essentially a variant of the LG G4 and LG G5 camera app, but one that’s designed with VR camera controls in mind.

LG 360 Cam review
Physical buttons are at a minimum on this VR camera, so it’s essential that you load up this app and connect the phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to take advantage of manual controls.

In addition to seeing and scrolling through a live 360-degree preview image, I was able to manually adjust the shutter speed, ISO and white balance outside of the plebeian Auto mode.

Toggling between the 360 and 180 degree camera, and flipping the latter camera around, is all possible here, too.

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