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Limelight Enhances Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters: IBC

By Troy Dreier

With the solution now a year old, Limelight is making three improvements that let customers work more efficiently and avoid congestion.

One year ago, at IBC 2014, the CDN Limelight launched Orchestrate Solution for Media and Broadcasters, a platform that reduced complexity for media customers, promising them online video at broadcast quality. Now that the platform is one-year-old, Limelight has decided it needs some refreshing.

For this year’s show, Limelight has announced three enhancements to Orchestrate Solution for Media and Broadcasters: SmartPurge, MediaMover, and MMD Live.

Removing content globally from cache typically takes hours for a CDN, says Jason Thibeault, Limelight’s senior director of marketing strategy. With SmartPurge, Limelight reduces that to seconds. By completely re-architecting its purge function, Limelight had made deletions dramatically faster. One customer removed 2.6 million objects from cache in only five seconds, he says, and got a verification report about the operation moments later. SmartPurge is available now.

The new MediaMover function lets customers move content to cloud storage efficiently. Copying large libraries of media files is a time-consumer operation that can overburden servers and bandwidth. MediaMover lets customers copy files to cloud storage at the same time those files are stored in cache. That way, files are copied as needed. Alternatively, customers can supply a manifest of files to be copied, which Limelight will move over in a slower way to avoid causing congestion. MediaMover will be in limited availability in October.

Finally, the new Multi-Device Media Library (MMD) Live brings the on-demand transmuxing of Limelight’s MMD service to live video. Customers supply a high-bitrate RTMP stream which Limelight transmuxes into multiple formats and bitrates, but only when viewers request them. This service is available now.

“This is a simple end-to-end workflow solution that enables broadcasters and media customers to more easily publish online video at broadcast quality,” Thibeault says.

With more companies moving to OTT delivery, Limelight’s goal is helping customers create OTT solutions without any hassle. It’s targeting traditional broadcasters, online-only upstarts, and enterprise customers with this offering.

“Online video breaks down barriers because video appeals to everyone, and it’s no longer the sole purview of one type of organization to deliver it,” Thibeault says. “Everyone is delivering online video now.”

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