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Live-Switching and Streaming From Mobile Devices

live switching

The production studio in your pocket—also known as your smartphone or tablet—has a pretty good camera, cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity, and maybe even external microphone input and HDMI output connectors. It’s pretty remarkable if you think about it, since you can use that one mobile device to shoot and record content, play it back on a large screen, and impress all your friends who drop by, showing them a digital slideshow of your latest trip.

But what if you want to stream that trip live so that the same friends get a chance to see your adventures as they happen? You can also do that without a cell connection, assuming you’re not in Timbuktu.

Better yet, you could do both, streaming your action scenes live, while simultaneously recording the content to your mobile device for later enhancements (or perhaps to cut out the bloopers reel). That way, you can show a high-quality version to all your friends who drop by after your triumphant return from El Capitan, the Azores, or even Milwaukee.

Are all those scenarios really possible? Absolutely, and this article will give you tidbits on how to handle all three.

By Tim Siglin


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