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Logitech’s Logi Circle camera is more lifelogging and less surveillance

By Raymond Wong

Who better to make a Wi-Fi-connected security camera than Logitech, a company with decades of experience building webcams?

The Logi Circle, is, at its core, a tennis ball-sized camera that will be used for personal home or office monitoring. That’s to be expected, but Logitech also wants the Circle to be more about lifelogging and less about security surveillance.

Priced at $199, the Circle costs as much as Google’s Nest Cam. Both are less than Canary, another popular Wi-Fi-connected security camera.

As weird as it is to install a security camera that’s watching you and your family inside your home as opposed to outside of your home, we’re now a culture that’s embracing cameras of all types. We have cameras on our smartphones, tablets, computers and many have one hooked up to a game console. We’re willingly allowing cameras to enter our homes and set up camp.

It’s with this mindset that Logitech believes the Circle will differentiate itself from its competitors. From the simplicity of the setup; to its admittedly cute and friendly ball-shaped design; to its no-frills, but powerfully fast app, the Circle is a personal home camera that you want to use.

Camera basics

Logitech’s camera is as basic as it gets without being underpowered. The camera streams live video to a smartphone in 720p HD resolution and has a microphone on the front for two-way communication. Other cameras like the Nest Cam and Canary can stream and save video clips in 1080p HD, but to be honest, the higher resolution isn’t noticeably better.

The Circle has a magnetic base that attaches to a flat round base that can be set on a flat surface or screwed into the wall. The base also has its own magnet, which can be attached to a metal surface, like a fridge or metal pole. You’ll have no troubles finding a spot to position the Circle.

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