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How long is too long for a webinar?

Keeping your webinar at a good length really depends on the topic and your audience. In general, 60 minutes is the maximum for one session. People get tired of sitting, and need breaks when you deliver something longer than that. If you’re using a webinar for business and product promotion, then taking too long can be the kiss of death. An exception is if you are delivering course information to paying clients. In this situation, you can stretch it to 90 minutes. To keep your webinar on the right track, follow these tips.

Start and end with engagement. Whether you are delivering a promotional webinar or an educational one, it should feel very personal. Start your webinar with engagement. It can be as quick and easy as asking everyone to say their first name and where they are calling from. Webinar audiences love this and it takes nothing away from your call.

Keep it simple. If you have a really complex piece of information to share, you might consider hosting a series of webinars instead of just one, with each talk being on a different aspect of the information you want to share. Keeping things simple will help you keep things shorter, but you don’t want to go so short that your audience misses an important ingredient of the information you are sharing.

Offer intermission. One way to handle a long webinar, is to offer a five or ten minute intermission during the event. The risk is that some people will not come back, but you can entice them to come back with a promise of a great offer at the top of the hour with their return. You may also open the lines for interaction during this time. While it feels like a break, you are increasing engagement.


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