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How to Make $10,000 From Your First Webinar

Webinars are fairly popular, but the direct return on the investment of hosting a webinar is sometimes hard to determine, especially if you’re a startup. To paraphrase a biblical quote, “Many are hosted… but few make money.”

So I was surprised when Clément Delangue, head of marketing at Mention, told me they made $10,000 in just the first two hours after their initial webinar. (I included Mention, a tool for monitoring your brand’s presence on the web, in my list of 8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Savvy Businesses.)

I asked Clément how they made their first webinar such a success:

1. Optimize your landing Page with Unbounce. The number of people you get to sign up for the webinar (whether they can make it or not) makes a huge difference. At the very least those who missed the webinar will get a video recording of the event, which is also a great tool for retention and answering frequently asked customer questions. So it makes sense to optimize all the steps of the registration funnel, including the landing page you create to allow people sign up.

With Unbounce, plugged to GoToWebinar through Zapier, Mention managed to initially get a 53 percent conversion rate on their landing page (that they grew later to 63 percent), which resulted in over 800 signups for their first webinar.


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