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Marketing a Webinar with Cold Email

Creating a webinar can be challenging, but marketing a webinar is a whole other beast.

If you’ve been looking into sales tactics and tips, you’ve likely been pitched for a webinar (or 10).

There’s a reason… it works!

These events can be massively valuable. Most hosts put out their very best content in hopes to get you to listen to a pitch toward the end.

Have you thought about using cold email for marketing a webinar?

These are things that we’ve been pondering recently and have created our own regular webinar (that you can check out here if you’d like).

So, if you’ve kicked around the idea of having your own online presentation—here are a few things we’ll cover:

  1. What to include in your webinar.
  2. Marketing a webinar to get people to show up.
  3. Our 4-email sequence to send to cold leads to get them interested.

Let’s get into it.

The DNA of a Good Webinar

This isn’t a pragmatic subject. You won’t find any good advice that says, “Follow this X Step Formula”. Sure, there are a lot of awesome webinar resources out there, but you don’t necessary need to pay for them. If you’re a business owner, you understand your leads (at least a little bit).

There’s really only ONE thing you’ll need to come up with a webinar that people want to attend.

VALUE. It’s all about the value.

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