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The new Panopto video editor – no browser plugins required

To overcome these challenges, Panopto 5.2 includes a new cloud-based video editor.

They built the editor so that anyone could use it without prior AV experience. It’s written entirely in industry-standard HTML5 so that it runs in any modern web browser. That means there’s no need to download and install client software, and no reliance on browser plugins like Silverlight and Flash.

Panopto video editor
Because all editing happens in the cloud, you can edit your videos from any computer, anywhere in the world. So if you’re on the road and don’t have your souped-up ASUS ROG GL551 or your Acer Aspire V Nitro laptop, no problem. In fact, even if all you have is a lightweight Chromebook, you can still edit Panopto videos.

The other benefit of being cloud-based is that you don’t have to mess with massive video files taking up space on your actual computer. In fact, if you record video in Panopto, it’s automatically uploaded to the cloud in the background. Almost instantly after the recording is complete, you can start editing it.

Maybe best of all, you never have to worry about video file formats with Panopto’s editor. Every time you make changes and publish the video, Panopto will automatically generate four versions (“encodings”) of your video, each optimized to play on a different set of clients:

  1. For web browsers, we create an encoding that supports multiple video streams, interactive note taking, and inside-video search.
  2. For tablets, we create an encoding optimized for touch interaction and the smaller tablet screen size. This encoding also supports multiple video streams and inside-video search.
  3. For smartphones, we create a video podcast.
  4. And for iPods and other audio-only devices, we create an audio podcast.

Anytime someone plays the video, Panopto automatically detects the device and serves the optimal format.

Here are the current set of editing tasks supported in Panopto 5.2, with more to come in the future:

  • Edit video metadata
  • Trim the top and tail
  • Cut sections from the middle
  • Create and edit chapter headings
  • Create and edit thumbnails
  • Create and edit captions
  • Set the default thumbnail
  • Change the start time of any of the clips in a video
  • Name the individual video clips, which is particularly useful in multi-camera presentations
  • Undo any of your changes
  • Auto-save each change
  • Switch cameras for multi-camera recordings


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