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One-Fifth of U.S. Broadband Homes Have Set-Top Boxes, Says TDG

By Troy Dreier

In a separate report, Parks Associates finds that Roku boxes have the biggest share of sales, and are used more than the competitors.

Set-top boxes, such as Roku and Apple TV, are now in 21 percent of U.S. broadband-enabled homes (16 percent have one set-top box, while 5 percent have multiple), reports TDG. In early 2014, only 13 percent of homes had a set-top box.

The devices are most popular with adults between the ages of 25 and 44, where they have a 29 percent penetration. Set-top boxes are less popular with younger adults (18- to 24-year-olds) who are more likely to stream online video through a game console. The data comes from The In-Home CE and Home Networking Ecosystem, 2015, a 44-page report created by TDG.

Coincidentally, Parks Associates has also released set-top box data today, finding that Amazon, Apple, Google, and Roku together make up 86 percent of all set-top boxes sold in the U.S. in 2014. Roku is the king, selling 34 percent of all boxes. Google is next with 23 percent, Amazon is third, and Apple is fourth.

How often do people use those devices once they get them home? Parks says that Roku boxes account for 37 percent of all usage, followed by Google Chromecast (19 percent), Apple TV (17 percent), and Amazon Fire devices (14 percent).

In its report, The Streaming Media Device Landscape, Parks predicts that 86 million streaming devices will sell around the world in 2019. Both reports are available for purchase.

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