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8 Essential Tips to Success
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Course Objectives:

  • Uploading preliminary content
  • Setup multiple video webinar graphic profiles
  • Understand use of cameras and audio
  • Integrate the live video webinar panel into your website
  • Schedule a live video webinar
  • Power Point slides, annotations, text chat, co-host, video share
  • Archive for on-demand viewing
  • How to integrate your customer data base and email automation tool

Software Features:

  • Broadcast and beam in Co-hosts from anywhere in the world.
  • Share power point slides, documents.
  • Share pre-recorded videos!
  • Create customisable live webpages branded to your business.
  • View from your website or multiple websites simultaneously.
  • Password protection, subscription & pay per view features.
  • Viewer geographic analytics.
  • Measurable analytics of your marketing campaigns views.

“To Purchase your Video Webinars for Success – Online Course & Commence Today”

One Easy Payment

Three affordable Monthly Payments of
( 3 x $380 Total $1,140)

Please note the web based streaming software accounts are $50 per month (No Contracts)

Online Video Webinar Training for Marketing and Education that will take your business growth to the next level

Many businesses are overwhelmed with all the options out there.
Viastream makes it simple for you to achieve your business and personal goals.
All types of people and organisations use our strategies and technology, including coaches, speakers, enterpreneurs, churches, consultants, medical and marine.
Mark and Tom are Australia’s leaders in video webinars. They will have you up to speed and generating more sales in this game changing Video Webinars for Success – Online Course. They combine video and webinars and eliminate the headache of understanding technologies. They will hone in on the critical areas of our video webinar tools to make your video webinar a lead generating machine at a fraction of the cost that the large corporates pay for this type of production.
Over 3 weeks you will be directed through 9 lessons (3 per week) that will provide you with a simple but effective step by step guide to be able to conduct online video webinars on your business products, services or training requirements. Our guidance uses a combination of videos and PDF checklists and yes video webinars to make the process as clear and as simple as possible.
You will also have 12 months access to our online training to not only have access to refresh your skills but to also have face to face access to us in our regular LIVE Video Webinar Q & A Sessions where we give you examples of how businesses in your industry and other industries are using video webinars to provide them with solutions and the edge they need in what is an increasingly competitive business environment. We understand the needs of small and medium business where staff changes can make retraining costly and hard to fit into business hours – with this in mind you and any number of your staff can access the training over the 12 months and being online can be accessed from the office, home or when travelling.
Once you sign up today you will receive your first email ready for your to start when you are ready. During the course you will be walked through everything from computer setup on your PC or Mac to showing you the trade secrets and training tools of a professional and profitable video webinar. Specific Course objectives are below.


Did you know that businesses are actually losing sales by not embracing new lead generating tools and most businesses do not know where to start?

Finally a turn-key system to be able to 24/7promote and share your products, services,and concepts and see your sales grow.


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