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Online Video More Popular With Millennials Than Other Age Groups

By Troy Dreier

Watching online video is the third most popular pastime for internet users, but among millennials it’s number one.

The CDN Limelight released its State of the User Experience report for 2015 today, and the results show that young adults are more invested in online video than is the general public. Limelight surveyed people in four countries and found that online video watching was the third most popular online activity overall (behind browsing social media sites and reading news), while for millennials (adults 18 to 33) video-viewing tied for first place along with browsing social media sites.

The report asked people how much time they spent online, and found that the amount has jumped significantly in only a year. In the 2014 report, Limelight found that 23 percent of adults spent over 15 hours per week online outside of work. This year, that grew to 45 percent. Surprisingly, baby boomers (adults 51 to 69) lead this growth.

When asked about website performance, people gave mixed responses. People are less patient with mobile site performance than they were a year ago: In 2014, 44 percent would wait longer for a mobile page to load than a page in a desktop browser, but in 2015 only 35 percent felt that way. However, people are more accepting overall of slow site performance: In 2014, 41 percent would wait longer than 5 seconds for a page to load, while 52 percent would wait that long in 2015.

Limelight questioned 1,302 people in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Singapore to get its results. View the full report online for free (no registration required).

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