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Open Caching and the Future of Streaming

At the Content Delivery Summit today, Qwilt’s Mark Fisher discussed how open caching can increase capacity at reduced cost

By Tim Siglin

open caching

“Internet TV is replacing broadcast TV,” said Mark Fisher, VP of marketing and business development at Qwilt, at the Content Delivery Summittoday in New York. “This is an unstoppable force happening to the industry.”

Fisher showed a slide that noted a sobering fact for the broadcast industry: by 2025, half of all TV viewers under age 32 will not pay for TV in the current model. The ascendancy of internet television, according to Fisher, is based on three things: the march of technology, ecosystem alignment, and network economics. And while the ascendancy may be unstoppable, that doesn’t mean there aren’t impediments to its growth, first among them being capacity limitations.

“Most of us are tasked with building the capacity to handle the transformation from broadcast TV to internet TV,” said Fisher. Fisher also noted that next-generation immersive experiences will also occur, including things like virtual reality (VR), shifting both time and space. Time shifting, according to Fisher, means things such as cloud DVR, live scrubbing, or live sports highlights. Space shifting means multi-camera angles, 360 videos, VR, and augmented reality.

“What is needed? Bandwidth,” said Fisher.

Gigabit access to the home is a critical step for quality of experience (QoE) delivery, Fisher said,. In some constrained spaces, such as Hong Kong, the ability to deliver 10Gbps to the home has become a reality.


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