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Oppenheimer Reviews GoPro Camera: Video Editing Is A ‘Headache,’ Not Convinced Consumers ‘Willing To Spend The Time And Energy’

In a report published Wednesday, Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz attempted to remake a popular YouTube short film titled “Father Son Tandem Bike Ride” with a GoPro Inc GPRO 2.57% device.

“It is truly a wonderful video,” Uerkwitz wrote. “We attempted to make a video by ourselves that does the same. Our conclusion is that making such a casual-looking video is difficult, and likely impractical for parents of children. It is time-consuming and complicated, required multiple takes from multiple angles, and careful editing.”

Uerkwitz said that only “prosumers” (a person who buys electronic devices that are of a standard between those aimed at consumers and professionals) will create such videos on a regular basis. The analyst also suggested that general consumers who buy a GoPro camera are unlikely to enjoy the experience due to the “generally cumbersome” video editing.

Uerkwitz noted that consumers value convenience and cost, in addition to time. It is difficult and time consuming to compose a “story board” at every casual family moment, let alone the more time-consuming editing process.

“Watching 20+ Minutes Of Video Gets Tiresome”

In Uerkwitz’s attempt to create a “casual home video” he captured over 20 minutes of raw footage from multiple angles. The analyst did admit that taking the actual video was “easy” but he found himself focusing more on the video itself rather than the activity.

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