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Panasonic HC-VX980 review – capable 4K camcorder

By Richard Easton


Camcorders are undeniably a shrinking market. A simple visit to any tourist destination is indicative of just how rare traditional camcorders have become in this day and age, as most people are now happy shooting video on their smartphones, which have become more and more capable with each passing year.

You can now shoot in high resolution and slow motion, all from devices that you carry around with you anyway and fit in your pocket. For other, more niche occasions, action cameras have come into prominence, allowing you to shoot video where you couldn’t shoot before. Still, that hasn’t stopped a few mainstays from continuing to release new camcorders, and Panasonic is one such company that’s staying the course.

This year’s HC-VX980 is a fraction lighter than the HC-WX970, weighing 350g. It’s nicely weighted and balanced, too, ensuring your arms don’t get fatigued from shooting for long periods of time, and it can be easily supported for stable footage. Otherwise, it looks very similar to its predecessor.

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