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Panopto Enterprise Platform Now Unlimited, Allows Better Planning

By Troy Dreier

Panopto, a company that creates video platforms for education and enterprise, announced a major license change to its enterprise video platform. Starting today, companies that sign up for an annual license will get unlimited video recording, uploading, and viewing.

For Panopto, the issue is budget planning, and making planning easier for its customers. The company notes that enterprise license terms are typically complex, and customers need to estimate the amount and quality of video that they’ll record and stream. With this update, Panopto’s customers can plan budgets knowing exactly how much their video platform will cost.

Panopto notes that it’s the first enterprise video platform to offer unlimited service.

“We believe that unpredictable, usage-based pricing models hurt the growth of our industry,” says Eric Burns, Panopto’s co-founder and CEO. “Video has become too essential to corporate communication and learning for vendors to continue using outdated licensing approaches. Businesses should demand hassle-free pricing for such an essential service, and with today’s announcement, we’re excited to be the first vendor to offer it.”

The traditional way of pricing enterprise service carries two problems, Panopto say: It makes accurate budget planning difficult and it punishes companies that create high-resolution video.

Panopto was founded in 2007, created by tech entrepreneurs and software designers from Carnegie Mellon’s University School of Computer Science.

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