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Primetime Supports HTML5 for Mobile, Improves Authentication: IBC

By Troy Dreier

Adobe’s multiscreen TV platform gets a handful of upgrades, including integrated analytics for a variety of

Adobe released a variety of improvements for Primetime just in time for IBC, with the chief being expanded support for HTML5. Primetime, Adobe’s platform for multiscreen TV content and advertising, now supports HTML5 for mobile browsers and devices. That lets broadcasters reach more viewers and serve more ads, the company notes. Adobe may have created Flash, but it wants the world to know it’s platform agnostic.

“We are all in on HTML5,” says Campbell Foster, Primetime marketing director, in an interview.

With the latest improvements to the Primetime platform, he says, Adobe is focusing on three Ms: multiplatform, measurement, and monetization. Measurement means that Adobe Analytics is now integrated with the Primetime TVSDK, giving broadcasters access to a variety of data from over-the-top and TV Everywhere delivery. It can measure views on desktops; devices by Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku; and Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles.

Monetization figures in because Adobe has added dynamic ad insertion (DAI) for any connected device for multiscreen live, linear, and VOD, with full engagement metrics. (Ad insertion for HTML5 video will arrive in Q4.) The Primetime data management platform pulls in second- and third-party data to deliver information about viewers to advertisers so they can sell audience segments. This is all negotiated media not bidded, Foster says, adding that customers aren’t asking for bidded media.

Adobe has created a server-side work-around to get data from Apple TV views, since, Foster notes, it’s difficult to get native code on an Apple TV. The server-side code is able to grab engagement metrics. Adobe is also creating federated analytics for content owners and distributors, so that both parties have access to the same underlying data and avoid the disputes that come from conflicting metrics.

Adobe is improving TV Everywhere authentication, frequently a stumbling block for consumers, with this update. Primetime now supports OAUTH 2.0, a protocol that allows for home-based authentication and longer authentication sessions. TV Everywhere apps will also pre-fetch video so that playback starts in under a second.

Primetime is now used in 70 percent of U.S. and Canada households, Foster says, thanks to partnerships with Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, and others.

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