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Ramp Debuts AltitudeCDN OmniCache, Comprehensive Video Caching

The solution accepts live and on-demand video from Azure Media Services, Brightcove, and Microsoft Office Video, storing content at the edge of the network.

By Troy Dreier

Enterprise video company Ramp has a new addition to its AltitudeCDN product suite: OmniCache is billed as the first enterprise caching solution that accepts video from nearly any source. That includes Azure Media Services, Brightcove, and Microsoft Office Video. It supports both live and on-demand video.

OmniCache improves network performance while remaining cost-effective, the company says. Corporate networks can grind to a halt during data-intensive video broadcasts, especially when those broadcasts go out to remote offices. OmniCache overcomes this by storing video a the edge of the enterprise network. The result is faster start-up times, lower latency, and less WAN video traffic.

“We have been hearing for a long time that customers really wanted an eCDN for live and on-demand video that just works with the multitude of video sources and platforms, and also works right now for replacing legacy and undesirable video standards,” says Stephen Blankenship, Ramp’s vice president of product and operations. “Today, with the addition of OmniCache to AltitudeCDN, we are delivering on that request and providing a scalable, high-performance eCDN that’s capable of using WAN infrastructure already in place.”

Ramp’s Altitude CDN also includes Multicast+, which the company says improves multicast technology, still the best way to stream high-volume live video traffic across enterprise networks. AltitudeCDN Multicast+ was previously called Ramp Multicast Engine.


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