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Ramp Offers Management Tool for Multicast Video Provisioning


Managing multicast video for global distribution should become a little easier thanks to a release by enterprise video company Ramp. Today, the company announced the debut of AltitudeCDN Altimeter for global webcast provisioning. Enterprise clients can use it to deploy, manage, and monitor multiple AltitudeCDN Multicast+ instances.

The product has two goals: making multicast video deployment simpler and easing the management of live events. Enterprises can use it to schedule events for specific multicast channels, then monitor all their Multicast+ services in real-time, staying on top of quality using the included feedback and analytics tools. Global companies will like that they can direct broadcasts to specific offices on any continent, or restrict access from certain offices.

Ramp points out that AltitudeCDN Altimeter works with any HLS or DASH video source, including live event services and applications. No proprietary service is required.

Usage examples include CEO webcasts, training sessions, or all-hands company-wide announcements.

According to Ramp CEO Tom Racca, managing live events can quickly become complex for global companies, and could involve deploying servers in multiple offices, then monitoring and managing each separately.

“With Altimeter, you can deploy multicasting where it’s needed—which may mean replacing legacy Windows multicasting—and then set up your channels and events,” Racca said. “You can now orchestrate all these globally deployed multicasting servers from a single interface, test them, and can tell if your Multicast+ servers around the globe are receiving the stream, while also receiving analytics on users receiving the event.”



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