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Review: DJI’s Osmo brings stabilized video to the rest of us


With action camera juggernaut GoPro making moves to muscle in on DJI’s multicopter dominance, DJI is fighting back with a portable action camera of its own, and one that can do things no GoPro can do yet.

The Osmo is a hand-held 4K action camera on a stick. It’s got a choice of different camera attachments, and each comes with a Zenmuse three-axis stabilizing gimbal. Effectively, it’s a miniature stabilizing rig capable of smoothing out shakes and wobbles that can easily ruin action cam footage.

This is a new and unique filmmaking tool that puts steadicam-style footage in the reach of the average user. Professional steadicam rigs are enormous and expensive, even DJI’s own Ronin system for larger cameras is a big old chunk of kit to carry about, and a serious risk of back injury if you’ve got to shoot for any length of time. Unpowered alternatives like the Flycam Nano and its ilk are extremely fiddly and take quite a bit of experience to set up and take good footage with. The Osmo might just sit in the sweet spot of portability, usability, quality and ease of use.

We had the chance to test drive one over the weekend, so while this is far from a comprehensive review, we did get a chance to form some opinions.

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