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Simian Releases “Free Real Time Video Encoder Lite (RTVE-L) App”

Simian, the award-winning, cloud based media asset management, collaboration and presentation platform used by many of the world’s top advertising agencies, brands, and media/entertainment companies to collaborate, present and share media smarter, has released a free video encoding app, Real Time Video Encoder Lite™ (RTVE-L). This groundbreaking App is the first of its kind and is now available to everyone. The Simian RTVE-L reduces video production challenges that professionals face when uploading and encoding optimized video for the web.

“As more content releases straight to the web and as OTT continues to grow, knowledge and expertise of web formats, video streaming and delivery methods are a necessity”, says Simian CTO Jay Brooks. “Video professionals know how to encode for broadcast, but are often not well versed in the complexities of encoding for the web’s varying format requirements across browser types”.

Until now, lack of information and a non-technical solution for video professionals has been a real issue and one of the main drivers of traffic to Simian’s extensive Knowledge Base. “People are hungry for helpful tips and recommendations for encoding tools, along with presets for optimal web playback. We strive to provide as much information as possible on every level”, adds Simian Co-Founder Brian Atton.

As browsers discontinue support of plugins and formats continuously change, staying up-to-date on the latest encoding formats is becoming increasingly difficult. With the rapid increase in video being pushed across the web, the need for a reliable, up-to-date, all-access encoding tool has become imperative. This is especially true for those working in production, used to broadcast quality and assume that .MOV will work on the web. While it’s true that MOV is the byproduct of most cameras and editing tools, the adoption of HTML5 and Chrome’s discontinuation of QuickTime is quickly making .MOV obsolete for upload.

The Simian Real Time Video Encoder™ has been the trusted, go-to video encoder for Simian users since 2013 thanks to its ability to increase efficiency and reduce encoding complexity with a simple drag and drop operation. Gone are the days of time-consuming, guesswork-driven hand encoding. Today, users simply drag and drop files into the RTVE-L and the newly encoded and perfectly optimized files are automatically saved to their desktop. Even large files up to 1080p can be uploaded with improved video encoding and audio quality.

The free Real Time Video Encoder Lite™ is now available to all for download on the Simian website.

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