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Six Tips for Successful Webinar Marketing

Studies show that email marketing is the most effective promotional tactic for webinars. It takes many forms, and advice varies on how to do it well. Below, are the top tips for webinar promotions.

Start Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to promote your webinar. Launch your registration landing page and email invitations two to three weeks before your webinar. Depending on the responsiveness of your audience, start about two weeks out on free webinars and three weeks on paid webinars.

Be sure to factor in time to craft a polished registration page and create your email series. Also, build in time for internal review of your messaging. If you are working with external partners, you may need extra time for them to review as well.

Define a Promotional Schedule

Send too many messages, and risk coming across as a spammer. Send too few and no one will register for or attend your event. What’s the right number of emails to send to promote your webinar? It depends a lot on whether you are doing a free or a paid webinar, whether you are promoting to prospects or customers / members, and what other sorts of outbound emails you are also sending to this same audience.  We would recommend somewhere between three and five emails, spaced out over two to three weeks.

No matter how many emails you send, be sure to remove registrants from the list before you send out the next email in your series!

Use Abandonment

You know those emails you get from eCommerce sites telling you that you  have items left in your cart? You can use the same concept – abandonment – to increase registrations for your webinar. Studies indicate that conversion rates from abandoned prospects can be significantly higher. Identify those people who have abandoned the registration process (clicked the link and reached the landing page, but who did not complete their registration) and send them a quick email to remind them to complete their registration.

Focus on Email Content

There are many demands on your email recipients’ time. To stand out from the crowd, you need to focus on your email content, including:

Subject Line:  In email marketing terms, your subject line is your first chance to make a good impression. So, you want to craft a subject line which encourages your recipients to open your email, by telling them about the topic of the webinar and about who you are.

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