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Speed Is Critical to Webcasting Customers: Infographic

By Streaming Media Editorial Staff

A new infographic, based on the results of a recent survey on large-scale webcasting, reveals a need for speed when it comes to buying webcasting services.

Published by Onstream and Unisphere Research—a division of Information Today, parent company of—the infographic covers a number of key trends in large-scale webcasting services, including protocols, critical service requirements, limiting factors, and the types of webcasts consumed by our survey participants.

The infographic, shown below, highlights two areas that are of particular interest to large-scale webcasting customers, defined as those who buy webcasting services for their company or institution: player load times and adequate bandwidth.

When it comes to critical services for webcasting, the speed of player load time is second only to the need for delivery to multiple devices, with 54% of respondents ranking player load times as their top requirement.

Said another way, the importance of delivering to a particular device—which came it at 59% of responses—is critical, but a poor user experience on a particular device can limit the overall webcast’s effectiveness.

Participants in the survey were also asked to rank technical challenges. Quality of service, or quality of experience, was listed as the second-biggest technical challenge, but the number one challenge was having enough bandwidth to deliver to hundreds or thousands of simultaneous live webcast viewers.

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