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StreamSpread Debuts, Promoting and Distributing Live Video

The just-launched StreamSpread connects live video creators with publishers, so that creators attract more views and publishers get a new revenue stream.

By Troy Dreier

Sensing a need in the emerging live video market, a company called StreamSpread has launched to help streamers find and audience and publishers earn ad revenue.

Live stream creators are advertisers in this workflow, and they pay money to place their streams on suitable pages. Streamers start by creating a campaign on StreamSpread. They set up a credit card or PayPal account, and use StreamSpread filters to search the publisher directory for suitable websites to carry their live stream. They’ll need to send offers to publishers prior to streaming. When they go live, their video will appear on those selected sites.

Video creators have the option of paying per view ($5 per 1,000 views) or per minute ($0.03 per hour viewed).

Publishers working with StreamSpread create “viewports” on their pages where live streams can be shown. These are automatically populated with live video when appropriate streams are available. Both creators and publishers can view real-time stats on campaign performance.

StreamSpread was co-founded by its CEO, Anton Alexa, a former professional gamer. The company is registered in Delaware, but the engineering office is in Kiev, Ukraine.

“StreamSpread solves the problems caused by a lack of infrastructure in today’s rapidly growing live video streaming market,” Alexa says. “We help streamers attract more viewers in a short time, while publishers and website owners can provide something new and exciting for their readers. It’s a win-win solution.”


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