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Telestream Introduces Wirecast Go, an App for Streaming Live News

On the eve of IBC, Telestream also announces Episode 7, the latest version of its encoding software, which will come out in Q4.

By Troy Dreier

With IBC only a week away, Telestream has dropped a pair of major announcements. First, it’s created a new iPhone app called Wirecast Go to help news teams stream live video. Wirecast Go lets users add graphics, logos, or titles to their streams and then broadcast directly to a YouTube account or an RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) server from their phones. They can even stream to multiple destinations at once.

With Wirecast Go, Telestream is targeting both amateur and professional news teams. The app includes free standard service that allows for unlimited streaming to YouTube. Standard service lets the reporter insert images, logos, and graphics from their photo library, chat with viewers, and save two shots to a shot list. The premium service sells for a one-time fee of $5.99 and includes RTMP live streaming and the ability to switch between any number of shots. Premium service also lets reporters replay highlights, a feature Telestream created for sporting events.

Wirecast Go is currently in beta and will be shown for the first time at IBC. It should be available in the iOS App Store in Q4 2015.

Telestream’s second IBC announcement is the upcoming release of Episode 7, the latest version of its video encoding software. This version has a new 64-bit native transcoding engine which the company says allows for faster encoding and better memory allocation. It now supports 4K video with R3D ingest and HEVC presets, and also supports JPEG2000, DNxHD and DNxHR, and DVCPro HD. Adobe users will enjoy the updated Premiere Pro plug-in that makes the encoder compatible with Adobe CC 2015.

Apparently, The Force Awakens won’t be the only episode 7 coming out later this year: Look for Telestream Episode 7 to launch early in Q4 2015. It will offer three levels: Episode, Episode Pro, and Episode Engine.

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