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Telestream Intros Adaptive Bitrate Optimization for CDN Savings

Save on bandwidth while offering multiscreen viewers a premium experience: That’s the promise of Telestream ABR Optimize.

By Troy Dreier


While London’s BVE expo is still a week away, Telestream announced it will use the show to debut adaptive bitrate optimization, now a part of its Vantage media processing platform.

The ABR Optimize module will work with Vantage Multiscreen to manage the delivery of adaptive bitrate video. Content creators and service providers will be able to set a guaranteed quality level for their encoded adaptive bitrate video to ensure viewers get a premium experience.

Telestream notes that adaptive bitrate optimization can reduce bandwidth needs by 25 to 40 percent, translating to cost savings for the publisher. It also reduces viewer buffering, so the audience is more likely to stick around.

“In today’s competitive viewing environment, broadcasters and service providers live or die according to their ability to provide the best looking content on the broadest range of devices,” says Paul Turner, vice president of enterprise product management at Telestream. “There is an entirely different business model which sees OTT distribution increase in line with audience size. Vantage ABR Optimize provides users with a real competitive advantage—significant CDN savings reinforced by the best moving image quality, all the time, on every device.”

Those who want a closer look at ABR Optimize’s results should go to booth K06 at BVE.


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