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The nbn™ network for Australian businesses: Key benefits


Access to fast and reliable broadband will open the doors to connected possibilities for Australian businesses.

Australian businesses rely on the internet, but many are often frustrated by slow speeds and an unreliable connection.

Some of these challenges relate to the size of the country and how remote certain parts of Australia are, but it is also a consequence of the existing broadband infrastructure, which wasn’t built to handle the changing needs of today’s business community.

The nbn™ network will offer many advantages to businesses around Australia.

Increased speed means increased productivity

This increase in speed should allow all workers to do basic things like send large attachments on email and download files quickly.

A less obvious advantage is the ability to store and access data in the cloud much more quickly.

Not only will this improve productivity, in some cases this will allow businesses to reduce their network infrastructure, as they rely less and less on hardware for backing up data.

A faster bandwidth will also allow more people to work with document and screen-sharing programs. What’s more, they can do so in real time, with fewer delays and connection problems.

Communicate with people all over the world

Faster connection will also make it easy for businesses to commuicate.

Voice over IP or VoIP, which is essentially the ability to make phone calls over the internet, and teleconferencing programs such as Skype, rely heavily on your connection speed.

Slow speeds can often cause the preloading of data (or buffering) and disconnections, sometimes in the middle of important calls.

The increase in bandwidth should reduce the amount of buffering and connection problems, again ensuring better production and collaboration between workers – and giving businesses more confidence in their service.

The nbn™ network will also offer many workers a more flexible working environment. It should allow people who may normally be unable, to work from home using remote connections and video conferencing.

Not just a boost for big business
One of the biggest changes the nbn™ network will enable are the advantages it will offer small and remote businesses.

The combination of satellite, wireless and wired connections will mean more Australian businesses will have access to fast broadband.

This can have numerous advantages for remote businesses. Some examples are:

  • Better online customer service experience: Fast internet will offer remote businesses, who have been hamstrung by slower connections, to be more responsive on websites, forums or social media channels.
  • Increased online presence: These same sites could enable small or remote businesses to grow digitally and increase awareness of their stores online.
  • Ecommerce: Shops who may not have been able to expand their offering online – due to poor internet connections – will have the option to offer their products or services online.
  • Overseas export: An unexpected source of profit can also come from overseas markets. The ability for a business to advertise and communicate with people from all over the world can open up export opportunities which can in turn help the Australian economy.

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