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This is the new camera that lets the ISS deliver 4K Ultra HD video from space to YouTube

The International Space Station has been delivering Full HD video to public audiences around the world for more than a year now, but as of just a couple days ago, the gigantic orbiting space platform will be formally and regularly be able to do the same with 4K video as well. This means that all you space exploration fans who’ve been following the journey of the USS in 1080p HD will now get to enjoy the station’s newest footage at more than four times its previous detail level.

Why? Because a completely new camera module from a company called UrtheCast is now fully installed and running on the International Space Station and it’s completely built to capture as much 4K Ultra HD video as those who run the ISS want to film.

The detail on these new videos is about as close as you can get to feeling like you’re actually in orbit from the comfort of your living room, assuming that is, that you have a 4K TV or PC monitor that lets you access the web and watch these videos.

As we’ve already covered here, NASA has been posting a number of 4K videos to its YouTube channels for a while now and while some of these were filmed from inside the station or just outside it in open space with handheld 4K cameras, others among these 4K video sequences were captured from raw photographic still shots combined together into a smooth video sequence in UHD resolution. One of the most recent, a stunning 4 minute sequence of the ISS orbiting the Earth, was made by crunching together over 100 GB of raw video into a 4 minute sequence. The raw larger video –40 minutes of it in total- was itself assembled from thousands of 4K resolution still shots captured from outside the station, looking down upon the planet.

However, as far as the new UrtheCast 4K camera goes, unlike the HD video feed from the stations High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV), that gets streamed live to NASA’S own Ustream page, the UHD footage from the UrtheCast is going to first be edited and then posted in pieces to the NASA ReelNASA YouTube page, the same YouTube channel where the ISS orbital sequence was also posted in 4K resolution.

Other videos from the ReelNASA page include the video below, which also includes some awesome shots in full 4K of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft near the ISS.

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