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Three webinar best practices to boost your ROI in 2017

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Webinars can be a great activity for you to demonstrate and share your expertise. They allow you to prove to your audience that you know your stuff, and can help educate them and give them valuable tools they can use right away. At TechSmith, we host a variety of webinars, including product demonstration webinars, training webinars, and joint webinars with industry leaders, such as this one we recently did with the Content Wrangler, titled ‘How to start small with video and get big improvements in customer service’.

Webinars: yes or no?

Before you start planning your webinars, be aware that a large amount of forethought goes into hosting and promotion. Make sure webinars are the right activity for your goals, and that you have a good idea of the logistics, distribution, and follow-up activities needed in order to make your webinar as successful as possible.

If hosting webinars is something you’ve said yes to, here are three webinar best practices to focus on to ensure you get the most out of your webinar activity:


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