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Tips for Effective Webinars

Giving an effective webinar requires some presentation redesign and technology skills that you don’t necessarily need in a face-to-face presentation. A great speaker in a face-to-face environment can easily crash and burn in a webinar setting if he or she isn’t prepared for the unique challenges and needs of that environment.

Here are some tips to help you pull off a webinar that will get you asked for an encore!

Before the Webinar
Recording and distribution. Before you design your presentation, you need to know whether the presentation is going to be recorded, and if it is, where it will be distributed. For example, when I give a webinar that’s not being recorded, I feel more at ease showing “live” shots of my personal information (like an email inbox or a Facebook page). When the webinar is recorded for general web distribution, I want to make sure that I don’t accidentally release private information for general public consumption; so I take screenshots of these types of pages instead, making sure there are no privacy issues with the pages I capture.

You should always think about issues like copyright, but you should be even more careful if your webinar will be distributed to large audiences on the web.


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