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Tips to Increase Webinar Registration

Try out these quick tips to help increase webinar registration and get immediate results.

1. Provide a Value Offer at the time of Registration

Entice your audience to make the buying decision by offering access to an item that enhances what your audience will learn during your webinar. This could include a white paper or article from your webinar presenter, access to a free recording of a previous webinar, entry into a book or ebook drawing or a discount off of the webinar or future webinar.

2. Offer Continuing Education Credits

The ability to receive continuing education credits through both live and on-demand webinars is critical these days. Allowing attendees to receive credit for not just the live webinar, but also for on-demand gives them flexibility and makes the buying decision much easier<

3. Improve Your Webinar Titles & Description

Get to your point quickly, don’t make your audience guess what the benefits are, make your webinar process quick and easy and don’t forget to be mobile friendly!

4. Mix It Up

While many webinars do lend themselves to the subject matter experts, it doesn’t hurt to surprise your audience with different formats once in awhile. This could include panel discussions, town hall style meetings, Q&A with the experts and interviews.

5. Tap Into Hot Topics

Probably the simplest way to increase your webinar registration numbers is to give your audience what they want! Move quickly on hot topics that are affecting your members, stakeholders, partners, etc. and share content that will benefit and impact them now.

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