It seems in the new modern business world you need to change or adapt to many new emerging technologies. This doesn’t mean you need to make radical changes in your business technologies every few months, however some technology changes are going to occur as we look to increase speed and quality of the content we deliver to our viewers.

Most businesses are now dealing in online video and lets face it if you are looking into the future and longevity of your business, it is important to know what’s changing in this department. My business partner and I had been looking at new technologies and discussing the best streaming systems and we have asked ourselves a few questions.

One of the main questions was “will flash be around much longer?”.

Doing some research – we found through Streaming Media magazine an in-depth insight into what is predicted to be happening in the future with Flash, online video platforms and multiple screen type delivery. We would like to share that with you now. The predictions make sense to us….. let us know what you think?

Please click on the graphic below to view the online article.