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Toshiba IKS-WB9518 Ultra HD Camera

Toshiba IKS-WB9518

The IKS-WB9518 by Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products is an ultra HD camera. It is able to capture 4K video in 3840 x 2160 resolution at a rate of 25 frames per second. A C/CS lens mount allows for a variety of lens options, while Digital WDR and True D/N make it flexible for many applications.

HD CameraThe IKS-WB9518 provides the level of detail required to more effectively watch for intruders, capture fast moving objects or people, monitor large expansive areas, and assist in collecting forensic evidence when a crime has occurred. Its deployment can reduce the number of conventional HD cameras needed by nearly 50%.

Adding four times the pixels into a video frame lets facilities cover large areas. It also allows for zooming into pictures for detail without sacrificing quality, even at great distances. The IKS-WB9518 makes for better facial recognition scans and improved content analysis opportunities in people counting or vehicle plate identification.

To deliver consistent 4K sharpness across the entire frame, the IKS-WB9518 HD camera features digital wide dynamic range. This optimizes quality by adjusting the gamma (γ) value to enhance dark areas and minimize image deterioration. It also leverages True Day Night imaging. This filters out the infrared for enhanced color images during day mode while providing the advantages of a night vision camera in low light conditions down to 0.005 lux (B/W).


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