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Useful Tips to make Conference Calls more Productive


In order to cut travel expenses and time, the answer could be setting up a conference call or video link to with friends or business associates. Many of the issues and glitches during conferences are easily avoidable.

Here are 8 ways to get your conference call more productive:-

Program: This gets rid of the probability of participants being clueless with no applicable files with them and keeps everyone notified and updated on what information will be presented. Remain focused and stick to the plan throughout the assembly to prevent wasting time on unimportant discussion.

Timing: Schedule timings ahead including breaks, start and end times. Stick to the set timings in order you maintain a reputation of being precise and it’ll prevent confusion or discouragement among participants. Then the assembly will be more productive if everybody is punctual.

Familiarize with the service: Conference calls services change based on the provider; thus identify tools and the features before the call. Test all equipment and understand how to utilize the functions, especially the ones that you’ve never used before. Conduct a tech rehearsal or set up an exercise call to keep the convention blunder free.

Introduction: This will establish each member’s identity and get them comfortable with all voices. This prevents unneeded confusion later, during the process of the call.


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