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Video and Webinars are Super Tools for your Content Marketing

If you are like most firms, your 2016 content marketing plan looks a lot like your 2015 content marketing plan. Maybe it is time to consider a few new tools Video and Webinars that, while not required, could supercharge your marketing efforts.

By Teresa Slider

With content marketing, think of your content as layers. You need content that will entice readers to your website. Once there they find additional content that will keep them coming back for more.

Blog posts, articles and videos that share valuable—or motivating—information will drive people to your website. Premium pieces like executive guides, webinars, reports, white papers, etc., serve more as a repository of educational content and opportunities for greater engagement. These build your credibility and, over time, convert visitors to prospects and prospects to clients.

This post discusses two highly effective marketing tools: video and webinars. Neither type of content is explicitly required for a content marketing program. But, when done effectively, videos and webinars boost web traffic and may speed the conversion from prospect to customer.

Many firms are reluctant to invest in these extra efforts because they’re not sure how to pull them off effectively or where they fit in the sales funnel.

Video casts a wider net

Different types of content serve different points in the sales funnel.

Video and Webinars

Think of the top of the funnel content as a big fishing net pulling people to your website. Easy to access and consume, content at this level shouldn’t be kept behind a registration form or require your web visitors to exchange their email address in order to read the content or watch the video. While a consistently updated and on-point blog is the foundation of your content program and will fill the top of your funnel, strategically mixing in some video can improve your results.


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