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Vimeo Adds Adaptive Streaming, Expands 4K Availability to All



Vimeo announced that it will rollout adaptive streaming across its platform, no doubt prompting many to wonder what took it so long. YouTube moved from progressive download to adaptive streaming in 2012, after all. Adaptive streaming delivers the best quality stream to every connection, helping avoid buffering delays by moving to a lower-quality stream when necessary.

Vimeo’s adaptive streaming includes 4K support, so viewers with strong bandwidth and 4K-capable screens watching 4K videos will automatically get ultra high-definition content. Vimeo is rolling out its 4K player, a process that should be finished early in 2016. Vimeo’s iOS and Apple TV players now support adaptive streaming. In the next few months, Vimeo will add it to Roku boxes, Amazon TVs, and Android devices, as well.

Adaptive streaming will work on Vimeo videos hosted both on- and offsite.

While Vimeo is new to adaptive streaming, it’s not new to 4K. It updated Cameo, its video editing app for iOS, with 4K support last month. Additionally, Vimeo first offered 4K support to its paid Pro members in December 2014.

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