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Webinars: Dos to Apply and Don’ts to Avoid

By Andre W. Klein


Webinars: dos you have to apply

Some of the things that you can implement when using this powerful tool to grow your business are the following:

Get to know your audience well

For starters, you need to set the theme of your webinar. For that, you must get to know your audience and know what kind of content will interest them.

Do not focus on what you want to hear, but instead on your audience’s needs. Remember that a sincere and respectful interaction will make your webinar something pleasant.

Always bear in mind that the public is the main driver for the success of your webinar. An engaged public guarantees your permanence, prestige, and above all a lot of publicity, because they will be the ones sharing their experience with others.

Select your presentation format

You must decide what format you’re going to use to create your webinar. Also, does your face appear in it? Will there be guests?

Will there be a presenter? Or maybe, will you only show slides? All of this must be very clear because it is an event that requires a lot of organization.

The format you choose must be fully attached to your webinar theme. Everything must be related, taking into account your organizational capacity.

Webinars offer this feature, the flexibility of adapting it to the user in a manner that makes it a formidable experience.

Webinars: Don’ts to avoid

Incorrectly using it may have consequences that can be dangerous for your business or simply make your customers feel uncomfortable. Here, I show you 10 things you should not do:

Do not use titles that are in fashion

There is nothing more disappointing than to be expecting an 18- carat ring with diamonds and only getting a 10-carat ring with no

diamonds. Do not use buzzwords just because they are popular in search engines and social networks today.

People want to get what they came for. If the title is not an accurate description of your presentation, your audience will be disappointed and you won’t be able to achieve your objective.

It is crucial to keep your audience focused on the content that will be delivered.

Do not talk in circles

There is nothing more frustrating for an audience than to listen to a lengthy presentation that becomes cyclical and doesn’t go

anywhere. For example: “We have long-term goals of achieving our objectives and we have put in place strategies that will help us reach them in a short term.”


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