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When Did it Become Okay to Use a Webinar Meeting Tool?

By Mark Szelenyi

If you’ve used online webinar meeting tool before, you know they offer a basic level of functionality that gets the job done.

As our new video points out, in rather Goofus and Gallant style, online meeting tools can be pretty dull and face a number of limitations. Meeting and conferencing tools are built for…meetings and conferences. They’re the wrong tool for the job. Webinars created with meeting tools are less reliable and less accessible and provide minimal audience analytics. They also make users download software, have limited scale and reach, and offer little to no branding or marketing capabilities within the registration materials or meeting console.

So we’re challenging marketers to look at webinar tools as a way to address the limitations of traditional web meeting products. If you’re stuck with an old-school web meeting platform, you should consider the benefits you’ll receive when switching to a “real” webinar solution, including:

  • Easy access to events for the audience – With no software to download and true any-device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile) access, using a webinar platform means that your audiences can get to your content quickly and easily. You won’t lose them for reasons of inconvenience.
  • Full branding capabilities – The audience console for web meetings is a total snoozer. With webinars, you can brand the entire audience experience, from outbound marketing and registration materials to landing pages, the webinar console and even follow-up emails, with your company’s colors and logo
  • Interactive capabilities, including video and social – With the ability to seamlessly integrate video, as well as chat, polling, social sharing tools and other interactive features, real webinar platforms offer much more in terms of the interactivity that will get attendees engaged and keep them with you for the duration of your event.

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