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Why and when should you offer a webinar?

Many companies are using the webinar format to meet with clients and prospective clients around the globe; it is a cheap and effective way to interact with more than one customer at a time.

Too keep your webinars interesting and your clients engaged, you should only organize one when you have a good reason, such as:

  • When you have a clear message you want to transmit.
  • When you have something new to show or a message to reinforce that cannot be said in a newsletter, post, or press release.
  • When you want to get feedback from your clients or audience.

A webinar is the easiest way to showcase your solution, but keep in mind that successful webinars often only have a few attendees. You can’t always expect your entire target audience to attend.

Make sure your website comprises all the features of your solution and has some kind of visual, whether it’s a demo, video, screenshots, or animated gifs.

3 tips for a successful webinar

1 webinar = 1 message = 1 target

Group your audience and call each one of your audience groups to a different webinar. Do not try to mix them, even if your groups are small. Remember that “small” is also known as “exclusive.”

Have only one message and one goal per webinar, exactly the same as in your newsletters. Focus all your attention and efforts to get to that goal. Some examples might be:

  • Teach a new feature
  • Get ideas for new features
  • Outline your solution for new customers
  • See how a group of clients react to a new idea
  • “Non-product” sales: offer a taste of your consulting, teaching, methods, etc.

Creating an agenda that will speak directly to your target

Stop thinking as the creator of a SaaS, the coolest designer, or the editor of the best online magazine ever, and as you prepare your webinar think like one of your clients instead. What do they want to see? Why should they attend? How will the webinar benefit them? Why should they come back to you? Structure the webinar around the message you want to send but from the perspective of your audience.

By Anna Danés


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