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Why Web Conferencing Works for Everybody

Web conferencing offers a lot of people, across many different industries, a ton of benefits. These include:

  • Less travel costs, according to B2B Marketing’s “6 Benefits of Video Conferencing” and Chron’s “Benefits of Using Web Conferencing in Business.”
  • Flexible work solutions that answer a growing demand for greater flexibility in the workplace, according to the Harvard Business Review “To Raise Productivity, Let More Employees Work from Home”.
  • “Video Conferencing Benefits” from the Mobile Village cites reduced stress and costs associated with travel and commute.

These benefits are easy to see in a business setting. But they don’t have to be limited to companies and startups. Here are some of the ways other industries are catching up and improving their video conferencing use:

Human Resources

According to the “6 Ways HR Can Benefit from Video Conferencing” posted on the Cisco blog, hiring teams are able to attract more talent because of flexible working solutions that video conferencing tools make possible. They also enjoy shorter processing times because with video, it’s easier to see if a talent will fit in or not. They won’t have to only rely on resumes and phone interviews to get the job done. Faster processing of applications means lower costs per hire and those savings can easily reflect on the company’s bottom line. Also, because of flexible work solutions, employees are less likely to resign, so attrition is low, saving the company rehiring and retraining costs.


According to Lifesize’s “The Real Business Benefits of Video Conferencing,” video conferencing gave engineers a way to easily refine product designs, preventing long delays in the production line. In the past, companies needed to fly in their experts who would usually just spend 15 minutes to resolve an issue. That wasn’t productive for the employee and neither was it cost-effective for the company. With video conferencing, expert consultants could easily resolve those issues and still have plenty of time to get back to their own work. The less travel meant companies could slash their travel budgets in half. But it also meant less stress on employees and less people filing for sick days so that was a win on so many levels.


Some companies used to spend so much on travel and costs associated with travel just to get management trainings done. If your HQ is in Europe and you’re sending over teams from all over Asia and the U.S., you’re going to run a very long and costly bill. With video conferencing, companies are able to cut those training costs by more than half. Now, they can reduce one-on-one sessions to a week instead of a month and manage the rest of the training through video. And because of the recording capability of video conferencing systems, employees are able to go through the sessions again and take note of important details and observations.

By James Murray

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