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YouTube’s 4 Reasons Why Online Video Will Win the Decade

By Troy Dreier


The only things we do more than watch video are work and sleep. That comes from Robert Kyncl, chief business officer of YouTube, who delivered a keynote address today at CES.

The youngest millennials watch more digital video each day than they do TV, Kyncl said. The average viewer now watches 1 hour 15 minutes of digital video per day, a number that will grow. “I don’t think digital video will grow linearly; I think it will grow exponentially.”

To explain why YouTube will continue its impressive growth, Kyncl offered four reasons why digital video will win the decade, displacing TV. First, it’s inherently mobile. Phones are getting bigger and brighter, and offer better audio. The mobile video experience is thus improving. With online video, there’s no more fighting over a TV remote; everyone in the family can watch what they like. Second, digital video is diverse. “YouTube has the biggest library in the world,” Kyncl said. It’s a democratic platform where anyone can create something everyone can watch. Kyncl took the moment to plug YouTube Red, the company’s recently launched subscription service, that offers exclusive content from top YouTube creators. “It is a lot more attainable to be the next PewDiePie than to be the next Tom Cruise.”

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